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Denture Services in Lloydminster, SK


We offer free consultations to help you determine the denture services you require. We can provide you with a quote and fill out insurance predetermination forms if required.

FULL DENTURES – Upper and Lower Replacement Dentures

You may need to replace your existing dentures if your mouth feels squashed, your denture teeth are worn flat or your dentures are loose and uncomfortable.

We start with a good impression. In follow-up appointments we ensure the bite and tooth arrangement work for you and then we complete the process of making your new dentures.

PARTIAL DENTURES – Replace One or Several Natural Teeth

When one or more of your natural teeth have been extracted, a partial denture can replace those missing teeth. Whether a temporary solution (eg. You are having implants at a later date), or a permanent one, partial dentures will allow you to chew better and keep your remaining natural teeth from drifting.

IMMEDIATE DENTURES – Full Dentures or Partial Dentures

An Immediate Denture is your first denture or partial denture following extraction of natural teeth.

In most cases, impressions are taken prior to the extraction of the natural teeth. Dentures are made to be inserted as soon as the natural teeth are extracted. In some cases, your dentist may recommend extractions first and dentures made after your mouth has healed.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled within a week of extractions, followed by check-ups every few months. As your tissues heal and shrink, your denture will feel loose. A temporary reline will be inserted to snug your denture to your ridge. In about a year, a permanent reline will be done.


Do you have flat ridges? Do your dentures float? Dentures over implants could be your solution.

Implant posts are surgically placed into your jaw by a dentist or oral surgeon. We make the denture with the coordinating hardware so your denture snaps onto the implant posts and your denture stays snugly in place.

RELINES – Full Dentures or Partial Dentures

When your gums shrink due to age, weight-loss, illness or other factors, and your dentures are loose, we can make your dentures fit again with relines.

Hard Reline – New denture acrylic is processed into your denture to make it snug and comfortable.

Soft Reline –A resilient liner that is often used for people with flat or tender ridges.

In most cases, we provide same-day service for relines.


In most cases, we can provide same-day service for repairing cracked or broken dentures or for replacing lost or broken denture teeth.


Adjustments are sometimes needed to relive pressure causing discomfort or sores. Adjustments usually take a few minutes.

RENEW Professional Strength Denture Cleaner


Clean your denture with a denture brush at least once a day – after every meal if possible.

Clean your dentures over a basin of water or a towel to prevent breakage in case they slip from your hands.

To keep your dentures free of coffee, tea, wine, juice or tobacco stains or plaque and tartar build-up, soak at least once a week in a solution such as RENEW Professional Strength Denture Cleaner, available at Bernard Denture Clinic.

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