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Bernard Denture Clinic



 Creating Smiles...since 1979



A beautiful smile... says everything about you.

Your teeth are important for eating and healthy digestion, for proper speech, self confidence and enjoyment of life.

You may have lost some, or all of your natural teeth, due to a variety of circumstances.

At Bernard Denture Clinic, we can replace those teeth with removable dentures, partial dentures or snap-on smile as well as reline, repair and adjust your dentures so you can keep on smiling.

Bernard Denture Clinic was established in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan in 1979 by Denturist Bernard Gantefoer. Bernard has a good working relationship with local dentists so that together, they can provide you with professional oral care.

Bernard Denture Clinic is wheelchair accessible.Wheelchair Accessible

Payment: We accept Cash as well as

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Interac


Patient Information

This may be your first experience with dentures or maybe you're an experienced denture wearer. Do you have questions or concerns regarding dentures? Let us answer them for you.

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Our Services

Bernard Denture Clinic offers a variety of affordable services including complete dentures, implant-retained dentures, removable partial dentures, relines and many other denture services.

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